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Groesweg 37
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5993 NN

Company Profile:
We have developed a patented product for cooling and heating, based on Peltier elements, enabling compact, lightweight direct liquid to liquid cooling/heating that that can be implemented and used easily. The technology offers solutions for e.g. electric vehicles, water coolers, medical devices and domestic and industrial applications. The Dutch company is interested in cooperation in the framework of commercial agreements with technical assistance.

High performance compact cooling & heating application, based on Peltier elements

What we offer:
The module is based on a newly developed and worldwide patented technology using multiple Peltier elements. The elements are embedded in a flexible and durable carrier for a direct contact with the liquid, resulting in maximum cooling/heating capacity. The modular design makes it easy to implement in many different applications, like the automotive sector, cool boxes and furniture, airco and climate control mobile homes, boats and ships, measurement systems, fridges, freezers and water coolers.
The proposed technology is very well applicable in laboratories for controlling chemical processes. The technology makes it possible to cool a process and if necessary also to heat the process. This can be done with a high accuracy and with a on/off regulation, or with a proportional regulation. The response time of the Peltier elements is very fast, a few seconds. The cooling technology is also applicable to cool control panels an electrical cabinets. A condensation unit can be created where moisture can be collected to prevent the corrosion of electric components.

What are we looking for:
Type of partner sought: industry and R&D institutes.

Specific area of activity of the partner:
Product development, engineering of special cooling/heating systems, technological research, partner companies who can use the products or cooling technology in their products or systems.

Task to be performed by the partner sought:
Implementing the proposed technology in the framework of a commercial agreements with technical assistance. The Dutch partner will give technical assistance.


Mr Marc Zelissen

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