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Company Profile:
Ofoil is a technostarter with roots in the Dutch offshore industry located in the Rotterdam maritime area. Together with partners Ofoil has developed a pioneering ship propulsion system that brings substantial fuel reduction.

Innovative ship propulsion technology providing substantial fuel savings

What we offer:
O-foil b.v. provides a new way of propulsion for inland vessels and other ships, cutting fuel costs for ship owners by as much as 33%. The return on investment for O-foil is relatively fast and therefore very attractive to increase the operational margin. O-foil is a sustainable alternative for the marine propeller.
Ofoil is developing a validated and integrated ship design package consisting of a constructive design, propulsion mechanism, manoeuvring systems and an electronic propulsion system including generators. As a skipper, this total package will give you access to any shipyard of your choice. Options include a maintenance contract, after-sales service, upgrades, improvements and financial advice.

Implementing the O-foil has important benefits:
•The O-foil will take 33% off the cost of fuel;
•Less noise pollution on board thanks to low-noise propulsion;
•The O-foil is suitable for different ship models and navigation profiles;
•Low maintenance costs;
•Reliable system tested by renowned institutes;
•Sustainable mechanism with lower CO2 emissions;
•Thorough back-up scenario available. An L-drive propulsion can be built in without extra costs.

What are we looking for:
Ofoil is looking for partners that are interested to scout the possibilities of the unique ofoil wing propulsion technology for specific maritime application of the partner. Ofoil will fine tune their technology to the needs of the partner
The building of a ship with the ofoil propulsion or the replacement of the propulsion of an existing ship with the wing-propulsion is the final target. Therefore Ofoil is looking for ship owners with an innovative drive that want to push sustainability and realize substantial fuel savings for their ship.
Current stage of development is that the propulsion technology has been developed by O-foil and validated by the Dutch research institute MARIN and NRC-IOT (Canada). A scale model has been tested and engineering of the propulsion system is worked on with partners for the different subsystems. The building of a small ship with the ofoil propulsion technology is planned

  • ] Construction vessels
  • ] Fishery
  • ] Inland navigation
  • ] Mega yachts
  • ] Naval specials
  • ] Workboats
  • ] Shipbuilding, repair & conversion
  • ] Propulsion and manoevering


Mr Bas Goris

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