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Pan Acoustics GmbH

Lindener Str. 15
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Company Profile:
The Pan Acoustics is based in Lower Saxony, Germany. Its business is focused on high quality industrial products. Pan Acoustics develops and distributes loudspeakers and digital audio transmission solutions.
Pan Acoustics was founded in 2002 and unites competence in electronic control, microprocessor- programming und transmission-technology combined with high power professional acoustic solutions.

Pan Acoustics - Acoustic Devices with High Power Application and Long Range

What we offer:
Pan Acoustic is well experienced in development of industrial communication electronics and acoustics.
Our solutions are installed for several years outdoor in heavy industry, in official buildings like airports, railway stations and big office complexes. They can also be used for offshore solutions, ships and in port and logistic areas.
Furthermore the High Power Acoustic Device "Pan Jericho" is a new Series with high power acousticsal output which can be steered and electronical controlled for security applications on board, on offshore plattforms or in port areas.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for industrial partners.

The Product Pan Jericho is the right solution for all long range applications with acoustics. The possibility to create a very high output up to 148 dB offers a great area for applications of crowd control or speech announcements for several hundreds of yards also for outdoor operations.

Potential partners could be: Shipyards, engineering & design companies, offshore equipment, vessels and habour equipment.

  • ] Construction vessels
  • ] Dredging
  • ] Fishery
  • ] Mega yachts
  • ] Naval specials
  • ] Offshore
  • ] Sea shipping
  • ] Workboats
  • ] Shipbuilding, repair & conversion
  • ] Electronics, communication & navigation
  • ] Deck, safety and special equipment


Mr Udo Borgmann

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