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R & G Associates

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United Kingdom

Company Profile:
We have developed two patents
related to fishing gear which allows a more
environmentally way of catching and
transporting crustacean species. Advantages over current fishing gear is that it allows the release of crustaceans under medium size back into the water unharmed.The transportation of the crustaceans in a controlled oxygenated
environment ensures a higher quality end
product. The company is looking for partners interested in further commercial or research development.

Environmentally friendly technology for fishing

What we offer:
Patent 1-designed to replace current static gear used,essentially improving catching performane and application,releases juveniles, reducing footprint.Saves fuel(shooting springs),saves deck space(two thirds)saves recovery energy,available to
license. Reduces sea bed damage. Recyclable materials.(OHMI Protection) reduces cash outlay to vessels by leasing agreements.

Patent 2-designed to support lif (crustaceans and bivalve molluscs) over longer periods,reducing handling/carriage stress.Units are self supporting in
oxygenating,chilling,recycling water.Reducing water weight in a lighter container for carriage.

Both Patents species adaptable with Global
applications. Patents 1 & 2 gives an 'edge' to catching vessels.Patent 1 has its own devised bait recipe.Both Patents
require know-how to operate and realise full value.

Patent 1 - Species adaptable.also adaptable for other fisheries such as Berent Sea.

Patent 2- Species adaptable-crustaceans,fish ,bivalve molluscs.
Multi faceted Project is designed to be
replicated,includes aqua culture,anerobic
digestion,renewables(self sufficiency aimed
for),Foreign Pupil Training,Training at sea.
Potentially 136 countries with sea and ocean borders for replication model .Inter Government exchanges for alignment of entire project with Overseas Aid.

What are we looking for:
Looking for partners to commercialise the patents or engage in further research and development. Also looking for equity partners with fishing industry experience.


Mr Robert Johnston

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