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Bettoweg 19
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3125 AB

Company Profile:
Hijstraditie is based in Schiedam, and for over 60 years a specialist in hoisting and lifting: design, new delivery, settings, maintenance, tests, etc. lifting tradition is 100% subsidiary of the Düsseldorf-based HADEF which for over 100 years as a manufacturer of lifting equipment exists.

The main activities are focused on lifting and transporting loads. HADEF offers a wide range of quality products that meet all requirements. HADEF examines and constantly improve the quality this high quality.
Besides standard solutions Hijstraditie is strong in providing customized equipment. All products are "custom made" manufactured.

In recent years many new products HADEF developed and marketed. HADEF is strong in making winches in many capacities and a large supplier of short-built hoist / trolley units. One of the latest products developed include a hoist / trolley unit recently built 60-ton electric winch and a 1Bm/M3 ranging from 2 to 40 tons.

Quality lifting equipment is very important. Through close cooperation with our parent company we can consistently and quickly provide you standard and "special" lifting equipment supply. In short, for every lifting problem we can offer a solution.

Hijstraditie is strong in providing customized equipment. All products are "custom made" manufactured

What we offer:
Manual, pneumatic or electric actuators ensure optimum adaptation to local conditions. The various versions of compact and extremely short short to make an optimal use of available space in the design and supply of lifting equipment at a significant cost.

Depending on the version, the extremely short headroom several advantages:
- Improving the effective height of existing buildings.
- The hook almost reaches the bottom flange of the beam and ensures the maximum lifting height.
- Lowering the ceiling height to design a new building.
- The short size allows the ceiling height low, up to 1000 mm and delivers relevant material savings and savings on heating costs without losing valuable height.
- Additional benefits of the recently built hoists come into their own in tight spaces.
- Specially designed for use on board ships, securing devices and rack drives.
- Offshore Industry

For years HADEF specializes in the explosion protection of both the electric hoist trolley units and mechanical hand unit. These funds are to ATEX 95 guidelines produced.

What are we looking for:


Mr Remko Pennink

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